Prado Press Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions and answers that may help you.


Publishing Questions

Q: How do I get published through Prado Press?
A: You choose one of our publishing packages, then submit your writing for approval. Once we have accessed it, we will reply to you with a price of what it will cost you to have your book edited, a book cover design, and any other options you requested such as beta readers, reviewers, or book marketing options.

Q: How long does it take to get an application approved?
A: It can take up to a week or even two weeks to get your application approved.

Q: How long does it take to get an approved application into publication?
A: As soon as your application is approved, and you have made the necessary payment, we include your book into our editor's schedule. We will start working with you on your book cover design while the editor is editing your book. When your development edit is ready, and the editor gives us an estimated date for completion of the final edit, we will start promoting your book for pre-orders. All this can take several months. The timescale depends on the editor's schedule, and how quickly you can work on their edits to complete your final draft.

Q: Who will do my editing?
A: We have a few experienced editing experts to work on your editing. When you make a publishing application, we discuss your book with our editors and make a decision about who is the right person to edit your book.

Q: Can I be involved in my book cover design?
A: Yes, we work with authors and writers on creating their dream book cover. We use your knowledge of your story and our graphic designer's knowledge of creating visual imagery and combine the two, creating your book cover as a joint partnership.

Q: Do I need a book trailer?
A: No, you don't need a book trailer, but it is extremely helpful in showing your readers what your story is about, and it helps to promote book sales. Think of the film trailers you have seen that have enticed you to watch the film. The same goes for a book trailer. Done well, a book trailer hooks the reader into wanting to know more about your story and get involved in the character's journey. A book trailer is not essential if you are short on budget, but it can do a lot for creating interest, intrigue and thus helping to convert book sales.


Book Promotion Questions

Q: Can I pay monthly for the Monthly Marketing Packages?
A: No, they are paid for on a yearly basis. This is because once we approve your application for us to manage your monthly email marketing or book marketing, we schedule different marketing and promotion activities. Thus, a yearly payment allows us to schedule all your activities into various diaries on our team's task lists.

Q: What do I get in the Managed Monthly Email Marketing Package?
A: This is what is included in our Managed Monthly Email Marketing Packages.

Q: What do I get in the Managed Monthly Book Marketing Package?
A: This is what is included in our Managed Monthly Book Marketing Packages.

Q: What is a Featured Author Package?
A: Here's information on our Featured Author Package.

Q: I am not a natural sales and marketing person, so how will you promote my books to help me?
A: Authors and writers are not always web-savvy and marketing savvy. That's where we come in. Our experience and expertise is in online marketing and book promotions. We help authors and writers who are faced with the challenges of email marketing and book marketing. Working with you, we create a book promotion strategy and take away all the challenges you could face, such as regular social media promotion, regular email communication with your readers, finding readers to review your books, running book giveaways to encourage sales and email subscribers... all of this may be a minefield to you, but it comes naturally to us. Give us a go and see what we can do for your book promotions.