What Exactly Is Independent Publishing?

Prado Press helps writers to get published independently

Indie authors very often struggle with the challenge of whether to independently publish their own books or to continue to pursue a traditional publisher, even though that may take years and even decades to achieve. 

When a writer has finished their first book, their first reaction is to query literary agents and publishers, who accept unsolicited manuscripts. Most publishers, especially the large publishing houses, won't deal directly with writers. They prefer to deal with literary agents.

New writers find this out quick enough when their search leads them to only being able to query literary agents.

Yet when they start to run out of steam, and they don't want to count the rejection letters, what is left to do? Start another novel? Keep going? Persevere despite the overwhelming odds?

We are great advocates for perseverance and for pursuing your dreams, and equally we love hearing success stories where authors take up the challenge and deciding to publish their own work.

But what does that entail?

Independent Publishing Puts You In Control

When you independently publish your books, it means you complete the whole publishing process, without a literary agent or mainstream publisher. Independent Publishing includes editing, proofreading, formatting, book cover design, and book marketing with your own resources.