Author Paula Sheridan

Paula Sheridan is an award-winning entrepreneur and author of several best-selling business books, under her pen name, Paula Wynne.

Paula also became an award-winning author when her début novel, The Grotto’s Secret, won The People's Book Prize in 2017.

The Grotto’s Secret, is her début novel and won The People's Book Prize in 2017. The sequel The Sacred Symbol was published in December 2018 and immediately shot into the bestseller charts. The third book in the Torcal Trilogy is The Luna Legacy.

Harbouring a near-obsessive love of learning the craft of writing, Paula has been scribbling down the stories in her head ever since she can remember. When she's not day-dreaming up new plots while walking her Springer Spaniel in the Andalusian countryside, she's the editor of online book portals, Book Hub and Book Luver, helping indie authors to achieve their dream of seeing the novels in a reader's hands. And the editor of iHubbub’s home business magazine.

After a career as a publicist, marketer and freelance writer, Paula became a popular speaker, and is often invited onto BBC Radio. She has been featured in various magazines and on ITV. At home, Paula is mum to Kent and puppy Dexter. Paula and her husband Ken starred in the BBC Show, Escape to the Continent, which showed their quest to live in Spain.

Moving to Spain fulfilled Paula’s lifelong dream to write novels. During the hunt for their new home in rural Andalusia, Paula and her husband found a beautiful home with stunning views down the Valle del Guadalhorce towards Malaga and Marbella.