Prequel To The Torcal Trilogy

Conspiracy, heresy, the might of the medieval church, a mysterious Moor, alchemy, a love-struggle and a touch of the supernatural. It's all woven into this story about a girl living at Abadía del Torcal.

Elixa - Prequel To The Torcal Trilogy

After Elixabete Luz witnesses a startling lunar event in 1178, she struggles to understand the sacred stones and their healing power. She fights against her intended marriage to a farmer, as she has found a new love in one of the local hunters.

But when one of the monks at Abadía del Torcal blames her for their abbot’s strange behavior and condemns her as a heretic, she must find the strength to overcome the shocking betrayal and save herself from the worst fate of all: burning at the stake.

The year is 1178, and in the remote, mountain community of Abadía del Torcal a young girl, Elixabet Luz, witnesses a startling lunar event. She begins to unlock the mysterious healing powers of the stones that have been sent to earth, but in just a few short weeks she must forsake the young hunter she loves and be married off to a local nobleman.

As she struggles in the little time she has left to convince those around her of the wondrous gift from the skies, she falls foul of a fanatical monk who accuses her of heresy and witchcraft.

Now she faces the worst fate of all: to burn at the stake.

* Elixa is the prequel to The Torcal Trilogy with award-winning The Grotto's Secret being the first in the series.

Strap in for a roller-coaster ride through a vivid medieval mountain monastery. Grab your copy today!

"Wow, what can I say Paula kept me intrigued over two nights with early mornings as I eagerly turned the pages to follow Elixa’s adventures, wondering if Brother Gregoria would be able to carry out his evil plans" - Dianne Boadle

"Having read the Grotto's Secret and really enjoyed it. Was really glad to find further books in the set. This one explains a lot of the back history and is well worth reading. The story explains how the legacy comes into being and shows a very strong main character in Elixa which follows down her descendants in the trilogy. Would really recommend. Now going to re-read the trilogy. Who needs sleep!!!" - Susan

"Having read The Torqual Trilogy first, this prequel ties the trilogy together nicely giving an incite to how the whole tale begins. I love Paula's books. I'm not going to give an in depth story guideline as that is what the back of the book is for. All I can say is that I thoroughly recommend all 4 books, read in the correct order, as they are easy to read and follow, tell a magical tale and they are well written." - Angie Ranner

Elixa is the prequel to The Torcal Trilogy, which features The Grotto's Secret, The Sacred Symbol and finishes with The Luna Legacy.

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